Tip of the day: Sign up early and spend quality time preparing for standardized tests.


Tip of the day: Maintain relationships with your guidance counselor and teachers. They will write your college recommendations one day.


Tip of the day: Show demonstrated interest in colleges: campus tours & info sessions, college fairs & receptions, & sign-up for materials.


Tip of the day: What's the best way to start my admissions essay? Jot down a list of reasons you're excited about the school of your choice.


Tip of the day: Get involved in extracurricular activities that mean something to you and show dedication and leadership.


Tip of the day: Stay on topic when writing your college essays. This is an opportunity for colleges to learn something unique about YOU.


Tip of the day: Begin college scholarship research EARLY - many deadlines occur in the beginning of the school year.


Tip of the day: Challenge yourself: colleges want to see students taking a demanding curriculum rather than choosing the easy way out.


Tip of the day: Don't pin all your hopes on one particular college. Keep an open mind and research various opportunities.


Abby Helped Us

“I am writing to let you know I accepted the offer to NYU and I’ve joined their honors program. NYU includes extensive courses, research opportunities, and potential semesters abroad in Shanghai, Paris and London which is very enticing. I could not have gotten here without you. Thank you for helping me!”


Jacob Shali-Ogli, Brooklyn, New York


“I credit Abby for getting me on track to be admitted to my two dream schools. Her expertise and support helped alleviate the stress of the college application process, and ensured I was making the right choices each step of the way. Applying to college from overseas can be difficult, but Abby provided clarity and support I could not have gotten otherwise. I recommend Abby to anyone looking to be successful in this process!”

Evan Visser, Lagos, Nigeria


“Thanks so much for all your help so far! I was honestly unsure of myself at first and of whether or not I would find the right school, but your assistance has offered me clarity and reassurance that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I truly owe you so much Abby; honestly I don’t think I could have done it without you.”

Zachary Levine, New York City


“Lola and I are extremely excited over the results that we’ve seen so far with the schools Zac is applying to. We are certain that we couldn’t have done it without your patience, focus and wise counsel. Thank you, Abby!”

Alan Levine, New York City


“I want to thank you very much for all of your help. I can only imagine how many countless hours you work with each of your students, and it is very much appreciated. Your support and guidance has been invaluable to me. Thanks so much again for everything.”

Daniel Mazzaro, New York City


“I just wanted to express my immense gratitude regarding all the effort and care you have put into assisting me with my application over the past two years. You always kept me on track, and helped me to make appropriate decisions which I am now reaping the benefits of. It would be an understatement to suggest that you were significantly influential to what I have achieved. Thank you again for everything; I am truly grateful.”

Daniel Goldstein, London, England


“When I first thought about applying to colleges, I felt lost about how to start and how I was going to go about getting all of the important things done on time. When I approached Abby, she instantly made me feel like I going to be able to get through this process with as little stress as possible. Her ability to give so much individualized attention to her students amazed me everyday. Abby’s patience and easy to talk to character is what made the college application process enjoyable and most importantly super exciting. Abby Siegel helped me one hundred percent get into the colleges of my choice and taught me that self-determination and organization really pays off in the end. Abby and I live in different cities, but it was so easy to communicate and get things accomplished. When Abby was in Nashville (where I live) for personal reasons she made time to see me on several occasions. I feel like I am living proof that Abby is the right choice to make when it comes to choosing a college counselor. I will cherish her advice and attitude towards this whole process, and I am grateful for all she has done for me. I have not only been fortunate enough to be accepted into several schools, but I also gained a relationship that will last a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Fox, Nashville, TN


Meeting Abby was the best choice my family made during my entire high school career. She has been there for me for the past four years, from helping me pick classes to making a college list and revising all my essays. Abby was extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about the college process, and she was a positive and welcoming person throughout. My first meeting with Abby was during my freshman year. During the first few years of high school, she supportively guided me by helping me establish an early foundation for a smoother college process. She was available by phone or email whenever I had any questions, offering an answer right away or contacting a colleague who was able to help. This process would not have been possible without her and I am very grateful for the relationship Abby and I established over the past many years. Without her insight, I would not have been admitted to multiple BA/MD programs and my top choice college.”

Irina Titova, New York City


“Abby made what can be a nerve-wracking process manageable and relatively stressless by providing a road map and working diligently not only with our daughter, but with our whole family, for more than a year. Initially, she came to our apartment for meetings, always prepared to both provide information and answer all of our questions in a relaxed, conversational manner. As the months went by, she and my daughter met more frequently on their own and developed a terrific rapport. She was always available to answer questions, either via email or phone. We appreciated her warmth; her easy, engaging, nonjudgmental approach; and her humor.”

Eve Glasberg, New York City


“I highly recommend Abby. She was extremely knowledgeable about the college process and addressed all of our concerns and questions. She was there every step of the way, and my daughter had excellent results.

Gina Malin, New York City


“We just want to thank you for all that you did for Michael over the past year and a half. You definitely made this process so much easier and more enjoyable.”

Julie and Gary Shaw, Basking Ridge, New Jersey


“As parents we were very comfortable that our daughter was in safe hands when it came to navigating the US college admissions process, which seemed quite complex for international students. More importantly, with her intimate knowledge of many universities in the USA, Abby provided many helpful suggestions that match our daughter’s interests and personality. The personalized attention and assistance Abby gave our daughter resulted in her being accepted to her dream college.”

Kumar Radhakrishnan and Radha Sivakumaran, Sydney, Australia


“Dear Abby, I wanted to let you know that Darla was accepted to NYU’s Doctorate program for Physical Therapy. I really believe that you were a true motivator and mentor when she was applying to her colleges. It made her experience applying to graduate that much easier because you taught her the skills and knowledge she needed to continue her education. You really change lives!!!!”

Jennifer Apicella, Brooklyn, New York


“I was very appreciative to have Abby guide me through the college application process. It can be so confusing but she kept me on task and organized the entire time. Without her I might not have gotten everything completed on time or correctly. Thanks, Abby for all of your help!”

Tessa, Wilmington, Delaware


“Abby met with us at our home when our daughter was a junior.  In just one hour’s time, Abby was able to answer all our questions and make us feel that we would indeed survive the college process! She really listened to our daughter.  We felt the hardest part was going to be finding a school—where do you start.  Abby came back to us with a list of schools that proved to be just what our daughter was looking for.  She continued to make herself available to us for personal visits, phone conversations, email—whatever we needed. It was also great having someone there that our daughter could reach out to with her questions and concerns. Anyone who has gone through this knows that Mom & Dad at times “know nothing” when it comes to our teenagers! Having Abby there for us was invaluable!”

Ann and Mike Millan, New Jersey


“We have worked with Abby and find her to be absolutely fabulous. She recommended the University of Texas for our daughter and it turned out to be absolutely perfect for her in terms of what she was looking for. We can not recommend Abby highly enough.”

Rick Raymond and Shirley Taylor, New York City

“What Abby provides is a wealth of experience, a high level of professionalism and a degree of emotional distance which enables her to provide support to college applicants without the family dramas. What felt like a mystifying and frustrating process was reduced to easy-to-follow checklists, gentle reminders and a smooth passage to completing applications. Her sense of humor, flexibility and professional presentation helped ease the decision making process and helped my daughter clarify options.

Those were all qualities that I, as a parent, appreciated but she also provided for my daughter a model of what it means to have a career. I do not anticipate that my daughter will try to follow in Abby’s footsteps, but what she saw was that there were possibilities for an independent woman to have a satisfying and successful career. For college applicants it is sometimes difficult to see where the college process might lead them. Examples of interesting careers such as Abby’s are important for adolescents to see.”

Lina Maslanka, Brooklyn, New York

Email:  abby@abbysiegel.com
Phone: 212-702-9747