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Abby Helped Us

"We appreciated her warmth; her easy, engaging,nonjudgmental approach; and her humor." E.G, NYC
"Meeting Abby was the best choice my family made during my entire high school career. She has been there for me for the past four years, from helping me pick classes to making a college list and revising all my essays. Abby was extremely resourceful and knowledgeable about the college process, and she was a positive and welcoming person throughout. My first meeting with Abby was during my freshman year. During the first few years of high school, she supportively guided me by helping me establish an early foundation for a smoother college process. She was available by phone or email whenever I had any questions, offering an answer right away or contacting a colleague who was able to help. This process would not have been possible without her and I am very grateful for the relationship Abby and I established over the past many years. Without her insight, I would not have been admitted to multiple BA/MD programs and my top choice college."

Irina Titova, New York City

"You definitely made this process so much easier and more enjoyable.” J & G Shaw, NJ
"...Our daughter was in safe hands navigating the US college admissions process...” KR & RS, Sydney, Australia
"“I highly recommend Abby. She was there every step of the way...excellent results.”" Gina Malin, NYC

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